LETR attend SOPEI Floor Hockey practice

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Tonight, I organized a friendly game of high competition floor hockey with Law Enforcement Officers within the LETR community against the Special Olympics Floor hockey team.

A quick warmup was had and it was evident that the skills of the athletes were much sharper than those of us unpracticed “coppers”.

The game started with the “boys in blue”   out front on the score sheet, but the skills of Jeremy and Billy were too much for the long arms of their law. Our sticks were just not long enough!

A hat trick by Jeremy handcuffed the opposition and left the “fuzz” in a blur. Jeremy was shaking hands with us, his opponents before the game even ended! He was sure it was in the bag. He told us, “I turn it on when I have to”!

Players were certain on both sides that Sidney Crosby had made an appearance as one of the athletes seemed to be able to mirror his skills in that 87 jersey while shooting down the sides and providing many scoring opportunities.

Eric, who was centering a line managed to  slip one in the five hole and put us into a deeper slide. Stick work was needed to come back and get it close for a good ending.

A late goal by Jacob on the LETR side put us within one. The SO team lead by the defence of Teri and company, backstopped the ability for me, Kristi to “hit the bullseye” into a gaping hole in the dying seconds!

C.Y., head coach of the SO Floor hockey team reffed the match and was being friendly taunted the entire game for an early debatable call that by games final whistle would have meant a tie game… Oh well, there will be a next time!

So much fun was had by all! Good teamwork, lots of laughs and of course paramount sportsmanship at its finest.

Check out some photos here

submitted by Kristi, City of Charlottetown PEI LETR committee member